Book Booty, July 2017

A dear friend and colleague left the company recently. To us, it meant that we’d be seeing less of her. We decided to surprise her with a trip to The Tent and bought her a bevy of books. She loved it! We all got just a bit teary eyed but that’s life, isn’t it! You…

Sadly, the Killer Bees In This Story Didn’t Kill It For Me!

This was a giveaway win that I won on the very awesome group, Apocalypse Whenever as part of their June giveaway. I’d like to thank both the author and the group for the book! What I Liked: I liked the males cloned by the AI, Eve, were programmed to reach maturity within a few months….

June 2017 — A Wrap-Up

  I dunno how she does it but I never come away from an Agatha Christie novel without enjoying it to the fullest! This one wasn’t an exception even when it was full of racist and sexist characters. I am also happy that I read this one finally and so close to the release of…

May 2017 — A Wrap-Up

I have been reading this series with huge breaks in between. That means, every time I start a new book from it. I am surprised anew by Dexter’s razor sharp wit and the efforts he puts into seeming “normal”. It is a good way to read this series, if you ask me. You can see…

40+ Zombie-Licious Books that I’ve Had the Pleasure of Reading- Part II

This B&N post got me thinking about all the zombie books that I have read. Some I have reviewed while others I’ve barely gotten through. Since it is possible to have zombies in a book without basing the whole novel around the undead horde, I am also including that detail along with others, as well […]

April 2017 Wrap-Up

  I was mostly happy with this installment. Kate seemed back to her true kickass self. However, her getting together with Curran reminds me of what happened when Kate & Castle finally came together on the show, Castle. Too smooth and too sweet to be real!   Steven Brust is one of my favorite authors….

Book Booty Plundered in April 2017

I shopped in two batches this month: Liberty Book Bazaar This is the haul I ended bringing home from the bazaar: While I don’t mind searching for the books in the piles that are dumped on tables in Liberty, I do mind that the collection gets worse and worse every month. I had to do…