The Original Article

The ones that caught my eye:

 Because of all the delicious controversy surrounding its genre-bending yet fantasy-bashing properties!

Because its description sounds yummy and I may use it to satisfy my own rule of reading non-fiction every now and then AND get away with it!

The Farallon Islands — a dangerous and unwelcoming little cluster of isles off the coast of California — is populated only by its wildlife and a small clique of scientists. That is, until Miranda, an emotionally adrift photographer, manages to secure permission to spend a year documenting the natural wonders of the archipelago. To the trained biologists, long accustomed to wearing protective gear against vicious bird attacks whenever they leave shelter, Miranda seems naive to the life-threatening realities of their environment — especially with real medical help so far away. Then, Miranda is assaulted by one of the scientists; not long after, he’s found dead. Is this a karmic revenge enacted by the ruthless forces of the island, or a very human revenge? It’s hard to stop turning pages as Geni leaves us wondering whether Miranda’s honesty and even her memory can be trusted, and as the natural perils of the Farallon Islands loom so ominous that getting out safe seems impossible.

 Because, look: “In an interview with HuffPost, Ball explained that he likes writing quick reads — that books have to compete with other forms of entertainment, and in order to do so they should be like firecrackers with a short fuse.” and again, because I can use it to claim I read YA!

Because of all the sci-fi-ey goodness!

That says it all:

…a classic Austenian social set-up, but in Stillman’s hands it’s injected with more scandalous drama, more malice, an anti-heroine, and a bumbling, oblivious Mr. Collins type as the unctuous narrator. Love and Friendship offers a darker brand of comedy than Austen, and a thriller-esque narrative that entices readers to find out who will come out on top and whose social stratagems will be foiled. And then, well, you can Netflix and chill with the movie.


 Because there is something about the way Novik writes that attracts me even if I cannot get into the Temeraire series.


 Because I have wanted to read the first book forever but it looks like this can be read as a stand-alone. What fun!

That was my list. Which ones would you have picked? None or all?

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