Sad at How This One Turned Out


First off, I requested this book from the author in 2012 and have just gotten around to reviewing it. I want to apologize for that and thank them for giving me an opportunity to read their work.

Once upon a time, I had read the Funeral Crashing series by the same author. I was charmed by how refreshing it was, which was why I wanted to read this book. Sadly, this one didn’t wow me at all.

All the issues that I have had with most YA books resurfaced as I read this:

  • The MC was a girl who was not cool or popular enough.
  • She fell for the most popular guy at school.
  • There was instant attraction between them.
  • She kept making stupid decisions that endangered her life every time.
  • She inner-monologues a lot and worried about crushing on a guy while the whole world came down around her.

    Moreover, there were other issues specific to this book and not the genre it belongs to:

    • It was too short to be called a novel and yet it has a sequel.
    • It does not seem like YA to me but something meant for even younger kids.

    What I am interested in:

    • How the author will make a blood-sucking doppelganger come off in a good light. It’d be something to see!
    • What kind of monsters the doppelgangers turn out to be.

    If I end up reading the sequel, I am going to look at some reviews first and then decide if I want to satisfy my curiosity that badly. This book isn’t for me but like I said, middle-graders might like it.

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