A List of Top Ten Samurai Jack Episodes from our Re-Watch of Seasons 1 & 2


I haven’t stopped squeeing ever since they announced that we will be getting ten more brand new episodes of SJ! I completely lost it when they posted the trailer because the show looks edgier and beautifully darker.

Recently, io9 listed the 10 SJ must-watch episodes that everybody should be enjoying during the free online streaming of ALL SJ episodes.

Since The Bear & I have recently started an SJ re-watch and have covered the first two seasons, I decided I’d list ten favorite episodes of ours. Shall we?

In no particular order but in all awesomeness, here are the episodes that you need to see:

Jack and the Three Blind Archers (Season 1)

Blind Archers.jpg

Do you see the bodies littering the snow-covered landscape? That is who Jack’s competing against. I love the parts where Jack trains himself in an uber-quick course of using his hearing as the primary sense, in order to defeat them!

Jack and the Scotsman Parts I (Season 1) and II (Season 2)

The Scotsman is a lot of trouble and fun. When they first meet, the SM and SJ do not hit it off right away. Instead, they spent more than half of the episode fighting.


The second time goes better and they work together to rescue SM’s wife. However, my favorite episode happens to be from the SJ comics where the duo are turned into girls by thieving Leprechauns. Don’t believe me? Take a look at that:

Samurai Jacqueline & the Curse of the Scotwoman


Anyway, I think it is okay to say that SJ +SM = One Entertaining Episode!

Jack in Space (Season 1)


This episode is the first time we see Jack in black and he is in space battling giant insectoid robots. Need I say more? Watch it here!

Jack’s Sandals (Season 2)

We find out how big of an impact Jack’s sandals — and culture — have on who he is and there is a new career in foot modelling waiting for him, if he ever gets tired of trying to “get back”!


Jack and the Spartans (Season 2)

Here’s what you need to know about this episode:


Jack Learns to Jump Good (Season 2)

Samurai Jack: Aku!

Aku: Samurai fool! Your efforts are in vain again. This gateway to the past is once more beyond your…

[Jack jumps]

Aku: …reach? You can fly?

Samurai Jack: No, jump good!

If you want to watch what helped SJ get so good at jumping, click here!

Jack and the Hunters (Season 2)

Aku contacts the Hunters and tries to hire them to kill SJ. They refuse the money and say they’d do it for the fun of the hunt. The leader of the Hunters, Lionor, had one of the sexiest voices and it all made sense when I found out that the same actor had also lent his voice for:


Panthro (Thundercats)!



Jack Is Naked (Season 2)

SJ is dropped into a Lewis Caroll-esque world in this episode but more importantly, this happens:


Jack Under the Sea (Season 2)

Jack visits an underwater race and has a run in with Aku when they betray him. The beautiful art and the comedy regarding SJ’s love for shrimp made this episode a huge favorite.

Under the Dea.jpg

Well, these are our favorite episodes. Chime in and let us know if our list agrees with yours!

Episode 1.jpg

Watch the first few minutes of the new SJ season here!

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