A Review Overdue Series — Why the Notebookush Box is the Box For You!



I had been waiting for the Mystery Bag for some time now. It all began when I viewed the cutest thing on NB’s Facebook page. It is called the Reader’s Pet and you will completely understand why I went gaga over it if you make a big deal about reading hard copies of books. I read ebooks mostly, which is why reading an actual book is a huge deal for me. I absolutely make it that way. So, as I was scrolling down their page one day, I found this:


Of course, I wanted it! When I PM’d Maryam, the name behind the stationary awesomeness, she told me to wait. Instead of misleading her customers like most people would have done, she told me to wait until I could get the Reader’s Pet and other goodies by ordering a Mystery Bag.

I listened to her and boy, am I glad I did! Here are the details about the long awaited Mystery Bag, which comes in three distinct flavors lol:


I ordered the White Bag. The bags began to be sent out in the second week of May. A portion of the proceeds from each bag was to go to a charity helping children go to school.

I liked that Notebookush took the extra effort to customize the box:


By now two of my friends, Icky and Weird Enough, had joined me. This reminds me if you ever want to read what they have to say about books, give Icky’s blog, Tranquil Tidings, a dekko. Or, you could read Weird Enough’s musings on Dune here and here.

On opening it, we found this adorably packed package:


Pretty, right? The first thing that my eyes fell on was this cute tote, which Weird Enough declared had been made for her. Alas, I remain toteless but look:


Besides the tote, there were three beautiful postcards and a personalized letter to me about Self-Love. I love the thought and effort that Maryam has put into each item. Two of the postcards were based on Mother’s Day theme. Both had inscriptions about strong women that touched my heart. I have been most fortunate to be gifted with an incredible mother. She gives me strength and loves me unconditionally. She has an amazing sense of humor and also tells me that she is proud of me!


The last item in the Mystery Bag was my beloved, the Readers’ Pet. From the incredible map on its cover to the extremely useful things inside, I am in love! I used it to make notes on The Handmaid’s Tale and my review will tell you how much use I got out of it!

The theme for June’s Mystery Bag is Courage Dear Heart. Go here to order one for yourself. Once you order, you are given 5% discount codes for any friends who order through you. If you can get 7 of them to order, you get the next bag for free!

Another thing that I like about these boxes is that they are all COD unlike many subscription boxes that services that expect you to have money to spare to pre-order them.

I liked the Mystery Bad and am willing to subscribe for another month. Would you?



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