Midnight Crossroads — A Buddy Read on Booklikes and Preparation for the new Series on NBC



What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think about this book?


It moved with glacial speed and the supernatural events were too far and few to make up for it.

The pacing wouldn’t have mattered, if the book didn’t also have the following problems:

The fact that one of the characters is a vampire is just sprung upon us and not in a good way.

Anybody who lives in the town of Midnight knows not to ask questions. To me, it seemed like a good way of not having to make up character backstories until absolutely needed.

I didn’t relate to or like any of the characters from the story either, with the exception of the cat who could talk. It caught my attention for a second and then lost it when its voice was described as snide (or was it nasal?).

The writing style didn’t do anything for me. An example from the book:

As she washed her hands, she thought of having corn bread with the soup tonight. As she was drying them, she told herself how much better the soup would be without the corn bread, and failed to convince herself that could be so.


Crossroads 1.jpg



Why Did I Read the Book Then?

All these complaints bring me to why I read this book in the first place. I wasn’t a fan of the Sookie series written by the same author either. While the show, True Blood, might have held my interest for a season or two, I didn’t follow it religiously either. What made me pick up this book was this trailer and the fact that there was a buddy read going on over at Booklikes.  I wanted to be a part of both. However, if you are expecting the book and show to be alike, they aren’t at least as far as the pacing is concerned.

I might try the next book in the series.


Then again, I might not!

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