They Might Not Have Been the Best But Here Are My Better-Than-Average Reads in 2017



The subject matter and the way these stories are told affected me in a bad way. I also realized that the event had long reaching effects that went on for generations. You can find my reviews here and here.



Binti is good YA, which should be recommendation enough. Just in case it isn’t, my review is here.



Middle-grade fantasy books that seem as if you are coming home after a long time? Count me in! Here’s what I thought of it.



A good collection of stories that brought on different levels of enjoyment. Check it out!



A really fun book on Frakenstein-esque tendencies that are buried in all of us. My review should explain all that goes on in the book.



I dunno what is within these books that keeps attracting me to them. I will read one of them, then forget about the series. Then a few months later, there will be this compulsion to see what John Taylor is up to and that will be that.



You know when you begin something new and are unsure whether it is going to be good or not? That is the way I feel about this series because I liked the first installment quite a bit. I don’t want to be emotionally invested and put in my time, if it is going to turn around and STAB ME IN THE BACK! What? It could happen!



It is Wilde #nuffsaid.



Not to sound like a broken record but this one was an Austen-tatious book. I knew I was going to enjoy it and I did!



It helped that I read this whole thing in Tom Hiddleston’s voice! And, while Loki might have been biased, the Asgardians were a bunch of ingrates!



My review more than covers why this book left such an impression!



These books are fun to read and sometimes that is exactly what the doctor ordered!



My love for this two-book long series is never ending. Yes, it is YA that features love sick teenagers but they are also made aware:

That there are consequences to one’s actions.

That family and friends are important.

That being shallow won’t cut it.



These books have such sad characters in them that they tug on my heart strings. I think that is one of the most important reasons why I continue to read this series.



Feminist fantasy that makes fun of cliches found in other fantasy books. What’s not to like?



A female raptor trying to figure out where she fits in her world. I think many of us will be able to relate to this concept. I did!



Sometimes, you don’t read a book for the story or how it is being told but for what it is being told through it. This was one such book.



Writers like Simak can make a story out of nothing. Here are some reasons why this book left such a big impression on me.


How many of your reads were better than average? Tell us about them!

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