Readthon’18 Mini Challenges

So, the bloggers participating in Dewey’s Readathon also create mini-challenges that you can do while you read. A big thank you to those bloggers because the amount of work they put into designing these challenges and hourly updates is ah-mazing!

So, I did some of the challenges:

Anthology of Interest  wanted to know about an anthology you’d like to see

My answer: an anthology about taboos

Vague Recollections asked to describe the current in the vaguest of terms

My answer: The book where one of the characters has a brain the size of a planet (Hint: Its a trilogy in five parts!)

Book Workout asked for a picture involving books and exercise

My answer:

Bookish Playlist wanted a song from your playlist and the book that goes with it

My answer: Shinedown’s All I Ever Wanted would go with most vampire books because of the lines, “I lie here alone and wonder why; That I come alive, just before I have to hide!”

Perfect Pairings wanted a pairing of a book with a snack.

My answer:


Pen Pal asked about a character you’d like to be pen pals with

My answer: Kate Daniels because she wouldn’t have the patience lol

Covers from Memory wanted us to design a cover for our current read

My answer:


I had a lot of fun even if I didn’t read for 24 hours straight. Do you like Readathons?

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