Tell Me A Story…

So, my girl Icks and I were talking when we came up with this crazy idea. It isn’t crazy because it hasn’t been done before. It is pedestrian in its approach if you look at it like that. What is crazy about it is that we hope to keep doing this regularly. Or that we can do this is a sensible manner.

Because, here’s the thing:

There are no rules!

We intend to post a story/poem/anything that is marginally creative every week. I will link to her blog and she will add a link to mine. If you feel like it, go read both. If you don’t then, what are you even doing here?

So, there you have it.

No themes.

No prompts.

No rules of any kind.

Just whatever comes prancing into our heads each week.

Here’s Icky’s contribution for the week.

This is mine:

She – A Master of Disguise

When she went to visit her parents, she looked happier and blushed pinker than ever. They felt elated at making the right decision. They were happy that they dismissed her objections as childish notions. What did it mean that she didn’t yet know who she was? Why did she claim that she needed to understand herself better before she joined her life with someone else’s? It was a good thing that they hadn’t listened to her or she wouldn’t be this happy today. It was time that she had a kid or two now though. When they told her this, she promptly slammed a door on every feeling inside. Serenity enveloped her and she went from a dutiful daughter to a duly expectant mother mid-disguise. The door stayed shut.

Back at home, she became a shrew disguised as sheep. She didn’t really understand how it worked but if her in-laws’ proclamations had any truth in them, that’s exactly what went on. Of the few hours that she spent at home, she did so acting like a shrew. She screamed bloody murder over insignificant things like having to knead the dough anew when it was her turn to make chapatis. She was completely insensitive to how tired everybody else must be when she returned home from her 8-hour-long job.

Although all that changed once her husband was home. On his arrival, she magically transformed into sheep – one that had warm food ready for him. The sheep would pretend to know nothing about her shrewish alter ego. She was too innocent to even complain. So, she just watched her husband eat his fill and shared a bite or two with him. He would tell her the food tasted amazing and the sheep that she was, she bought it all – hook, line, and sinker!

Come morning, her work shift started later than her husband’s did. After he had left, she would put all the spare time she had into getting ready. She would move the dirty dishes and the laundry out of her path and wash them just so she could get closer to the mirror. Before she stepped out of the house, it was plain to see that she was wearing yet another one of her disguises.

Now, this disguise was elaborately layered. The first layer — also the visual limit for her in-laws — was designed to make her look like a siren. Wherever this siren stepped, hearts would be captured, and all hope lost. Shrouded in the first layer was a second deeper one. This one was only visible to her and the other women she would see outside. This one was that of a warrior.

The armor that came with this disguise fit her like a second skin. It was light enough not to encumber movement. Yet no ordinary barbs could pierce it. It had withstood the test of time and kept her self relatively safe from the catcallers and the unkind. In the guise of a warrior, she could brave the dangers of the outside world.

As soon as her feet cleared the threshold of her office, she shrugged off the armor only to pull off another expert disguise. This time, she was pretending to be herself. However, this was a version of her who could leave her personal issues and life at home behind. This version was also confident that she wouldn’t be mansplained to and that her gender wouldn’t be counted against her. This She was well-put together and untouchable. She inspired others to be like her and believe that dreams did come true.

Sometimes, in her hurry to get home from work though, she would forget to change out of her disguise. It had led to horrifying outcomes. The in-laws had seemed almost terrified out of their wits. To be honest, she had quite enjoyed that. What had been disconcerting was the effect that it had had on her husband. He had gone still when she had shown up like that. But like a cat following its prey, his eyes had followed her every move. He didn’t pounce on her but his behavior left a bad taste in her mouth.

So, She became more careful. She never forgot which disguise should be worn where. The door remains shut even now. After all, She is a Master of Disguise.

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  1. tehreemn says:

    Loved it 💜

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  2. Beautiful and moving. Thank you for sharing this.


    1. Midu Hadi says:

      Thank you for reading 🙂

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