Reading Anniversaries & First-in-a-Series — August Edition


Go here for the books I read in August this year!



A Plague of Angels by Sheri S. Tepper

My review


Raptor Red by Robert T. Bakker

My review



The Unadulterated Cat by Terry Pratchett

My review



Samurai Jack, Vol. 1 by Jim Zub

As fun as the cartoon had been!



The Gate to Women’s Country by Sheri S. Tepper

I’m beginning to appreciate Tepper’s writing I think. This book started the way most books based on a dichotomous society would start. The women were good for breeding and whoring. The men enlisted in the military and lorded over the women. But the twist at the end took me by surprise! Read my appreciation of her other book here.



Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

While political strife forms the backdrop in this book, our focus is on one family trying to get through all the chaos in one piece. I loved every bit of this book! This was my first book by Adichie and I can’t wait to try the others.



Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore

Irreverent as heck but laugh out loud funny is how I’d describe Moore’s humor. In this book, a conman meets The Conman i.e. Coyote, the trickster god. Hilarity ensues!

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