March 2019 — A Wrap-Up

Reaper's Gale (Malazan Book of the Fallen, #7)

I have read reviews by other readers of Reaper’s Gale. Many of them would have rated this book 2 or 3 stars, had it not been for the last 20% of the story. Sure, the book focuses mostly on new characters. We don’t know them and it takes readers time to come to care for them — if they ever do. And yeah, the beginning is a mess because it is all about setting events into motion. BUT, the pay off is good enough to make up for the slow build-up. The humor interspersed within the cruelties of war and political warfare makes them easier to bear. There are no throwaway rape cases and in the one instance where a rape is mentioned is done so with grace and respect. For me, reading this series is like coming home. So onward, we go!


I understood that the author wanted readers to see how materialism can carve away chunks of one’s soul. But after the previous books, the only supernatural elements I was expecting were the skills that some people had. Additionally, the part about people doing away with their souls wasn’t even done subtly. So, that put me off a bit. The forest coming to life and being sentient enough to distinguish which people to attack was another difficult pill to swallow. Finally, the ending was just needlessly cruel. This last installment wasn’t as good as the previous ones. But hey, I finished yet another series I had started.


Another disappointment. It is like the author took everything that I loved about the previous two books and threw them in the trash. Those books are about the futility of war and how everybody loses. But this one was based in a community that had already lost to cloned humans. They weren’t important. Their mission to time travel and return to the same place in future wasn’t important. The flight wasn’t successful and they returned to the same time and place without having achieved anything. So, why even write the book? On the flip side, another series completed.


There are advantages to audiobooks. I can listen to them whenever I want, for example on the way to and from work. I never lose my place. I knock out more books in a month. Disadvantages include not being able to highlight any quotes and laughing out loud, causing people to look at me oddly.
So, the problems I have highlighted before remain. In fact, Dresden has taken to stating that if being a chauvinist pig makes him a chauvinist pig, then so be it — or something to that effect. But these books are still entertaining reads because they are packed with lots of action. And being read to by James Marsters isn’t half bad!

So, this is how I spent March. What did you read?

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  1. Judi Lynn says:

    Always enjoy your reviews!

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  2. Midu Hadi says:

    Always love your comments 😁


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