April 2019 — A Wrap-Up


The series remains one of my darlings even though its author does have the habit of solving a huge problem that extends across the whole plot at the end quite easily. But this being the fifth book that I am reading means that I’m now used to it. Just as the reasons that irritate me remain the same, so do the things that I love about these books. They are witty, punny, and fun. The author’s way of describing things is Douglas Adamsy and thus enjoyable for me.

Thursday doesn’t know how to back down and whether she takes a stand against the Wayne-like corporation in her world or other (literary) versions of herself, you still love her for it. In this book, she is duped into letting the bad guys into the Bookworld. But like always, she musters up some courage, gets the unlikeliest of sidekicks to tag along, and saves the day.

I also loved how cheese has become contraband and Next has to deal with unsavory smugglers to raise some money by selling it.


In Venito Veras by Karen Chance
My favorite of the bunch possibly because of the tough but humorous situation the half-vampiress finds herself in. When surrounded by a group of vamps bent on killing her, what else could she do but challenge the boss vamp to a drinking competition? The ending was expected but still funny.

Shiny by Rachel Caine
A short story from the Weather Warden series. I loved visiting with old faves, Jo and David. They come across a stunning Djinn who is doing her best to cause all kinds of trouble. At first, like Jo, I thought David might be interested in her. But true to form, he couldn’t see past Jo.

Hunt by Rachel Vincent
This was another short from one of my favorites, the Shifters series. I have always wanted to see how Abby — an abuse and kidnapping survivor — would fare. It made me glad to see her trying to get past the trauma. But as expected, the author threw her into another violent situation and Abby acquitted herself well.

Monsters by Lilith Saintcrow
A “monster” avenges the death of her family members with some help from a werewolf. It was okayish because we don’t get to see the person actually responsible for the deaths meet a grisly end.

Vampires Prefer Blondes by P.N. Elrod
Part of a series that I haven’t read but the story made me want to rectify that. A vampire hypnotizes a town along with the woman whom he “loves”. She escapes his clutches and finds help from an unlikely source. It was funny how they kept braining the bad guys to prevent hypnosis.

Nine-Tenths of the Law by Jenna Black
Set in a world where demons can legally possess humans as long as it is a symbiotic consensual relationship. A Churchgoing couple hires a PI to find their daughter who has vanished. The situation isn’t as simple as it seems though! I may try this series soon.

Double Dead by Cheyenne McCray
Shape-shifting creatures at the lowest rung of the supernatural societal ladder try to take over the governing council. The heroine thwarts their plans. Just okay for me.

A Rose by Any Other Name Would Still be Red by Elizabeth A. Vaughn
I liked this one because it involved a kickass heroine who frees prisoners. The recently freed creatures help her storm a castle.

Superman by Jeanne C. Stein
A vampire reluctantly agrees to help her ex-boyfriend who is a coyote ferrying people over the Mexico border. He encounters a vampire who keeps killing his clients and his ex swoops in to save the day. Another ust okay entry in the anthology.

Monster Mash by Carole Nelson Douglas
Another PI , another case, but this heroine has to deal with monsters straight out of the movies. It would have been more fun if it hadn’t been so long. But I’d read something else by this author.

Wanted: Dead or Alive by L.A. Banks
Distracted writing and characters I couldn’t empathize with. Weakest out of all stories in this anthology.

Mist by Susan Krinard
Ragnarok has come and gone. The Frost Giants won and the Asgardians lost. The last of the Valkyries still protects the weapon she was charged for safekeeping. Loki shows up and it seems all may not be lost just yet. I liked this one because it made me want to start this series.

Beyond the Pale by Nancy Holder What was even happening? There was a border and the Great Hunt was on or something. I dunno…

I know this wrap-up comes a little too late but life got away from me for a bit. Hoping that I’m back to my blogging ways now!

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