July 2019 — A Wrap-Up

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Great premise: if God was going to save His loyal followers and a pair of every type of beasts by having Noah build an ark, wouldn’t Hell want to do the same for all the demons, nightmares, and terrors? Charged with the duty to oversee that the evil beings survived the storm is a wizard whose soul belongs to the Devil.

The wizard decides to take his family and tricks some other people on board too. Ship full of horrors. Only one wizard to keep them in check. Ready food source available in the form of humans. Older gods rising up during the maritime upheaval. What could go wrong? The story stayed interesting until it didn’t.


Dear God, why did I read this book? Even with the Narnia books, we don’t come across preaching this overt until the absolute end. But this…ughhh… Anyway, even if I could stomach that, there was another issue. I wanted to slap the main character into next week! She was so annoying and snooty. Grrr…and so many good reviews of this book exist. I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s because I didn’t read the book and the graphic novel? We’ll never know because I won’t be continuing to read this series.


Another comic with a good premise: an aquatic vampire who is on the Earth’s side. She takes on companies and the rich and the powerful who don’t care what they are doing to the environment. But then it quickly became below-average reading material. Things kept happening that didn’t make any sense, making me check if I was missing pages or had skipped a whole issue — I hadn’t. The art was beautiful though. Haven’t decided if I will be reading the next one.

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I have been slowly accumulating the books in this series. So, I can say that I was looking forward to reading them. For the most part, they are great. The protagonist is from an evolved line of humans. Her clan is killed by an earthquake and she is adopted by a less evolved one. They don’t have the ability to talk, so they use hand signals. They don’t have tear ducts, so they cannot cry. The girl can do both, but has to suppress her abilities just to fit in. I liked all of that, especially how hard she tries to fit in. Because most of us try to hide what makes us unique for fear of standing out and being other. The world isn’t kind to other and evolution hasn’t changed that.

What I disliked was that even though, the men and women in the tribe have separate duties and domains, women are still considered inferior. Who is to say that the ancients weren’t a matriarchal society? (History may say that, I know but bear with me for a bit.) Men have successfully sidelined women in the matters of occult in the tribe. And I would have bought that believing that men didn’t want to share the power until the heroine is raped by the leader’s son. There is NO concept of rape in that tribe. They don’t even know how to lie or deceive. When they have sex, it is because they want to, and no one feels embarrassed over such encounters. They don’t even know that the man’s sperm is required to fertilize the egg. They think that women have the power to bear babies on their own. So, why was the rape necessary? How did the son who hated the girl’s guts and thought her ugly arrive at the concept that rape would put her in her place?

Even pages after the rape took place — the heroines gets pregnant btw — I still couldn’t get rid of the squicky feeling. Should I read the next one? I dunno!


I don’t like Daine. Never did. She is just too perfect and comes into her power too quickly for me to like. Things seem to happen for her just like that. Gods possess her and revive her friends whenever they die. She doesn’t know anything about tact and yet when Numair cautions her, she doesn’t follow his lead. She knows that contact with her changes an animal, making their thought patterns more human. Yet she stays in touch over long periods.

The early books of Pierce’s showed colonialism in a good light. They painted a culture as good and anything outside of it was bad. This is one of those books. Her treatment of Stormwings has always irritated me. Just like Daine, Pierce can’t make up her mind about whether they are evil or not — this remains true even after they help out Daine and her friends in a battle.

So, yeah, not a great read this one.


A fun-filled romp where Rumpelstiltskin finds his way to our world to give Mad Hatter’s son a message. It begins with the son stumbling into the world of fairy tales. Of course, nothing is as it seems. The White Rabbit isn’t timid and Snow White is a murderer. In the end, the son decides to stick around — it was a very MIB-ish ending. There is also a twist that makes you hunt for the second book only to find out there isn’t one! Bad form, Mr. Buckley!

And that is what I was up to in July. What did you do?

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  1. Judi Lynn says:

    I always enjoy your reviews. Stiltskin sounds fun. I read Clan of the Cave Bear but got bogged down. Stopped there, but a friend of mine read ALL of them.


    1. Midu Hadi says:

      Like always, thank you for reading! And Stiltskin’s author keeps surprising me with his change of style with every new book. I like it! I get what you mean about Cave Bear. I have the second book, but I just keep giving it the evil eye. Probably the rape that made me feel that way?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Judi Lynn says:

        For me, those books were a time AND an emotional commitment.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Midu Hadi says:

        Ah, understood!

        Liked by 1 person

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