A Review of Iron and Magic by Ilona Andrews and How I Don’t Know Anything!

Soooooo, it had many things that I’ve come to expect from Ilona Andrews novels. Like love for family — whether biological or otherwise — and a sense of duty and generally all-around good guys as protagonists. You know the ones that you can root for. And homages to the magics and traditions of the world, including a Thai-Hindu pachyderm deity. The witty banter and the comical way by which both parties try to spy on each other while knowing the other is doing the same thing. All goooood.

But there were other things that were missing too! For instance, the female lead. I couldn’t get myself to like Elara, even though she was a good egg. She felt like a sketch without much depth and I don’t know why. I mean it didn’t feel this way when I read books featuring their other heroines, like Andrea and Nevada. Moreover, I wasn’t sure about what Elara is even by the end of the book. If Roland is such a huge deal, how come he backs up and lets her take Hugh away from him? Is he the god of gods or not?

And then there was Hugh. Sure, he was under Roland’s influence when he razed cities and murdered innocents. But that doesn’t excuse his actions, or does it? At any rate, it won’t make me like him. I have gotten used to this author duo NOT focusing on the physical attributes. Hugh describing Elara’s breasts just felt icky.

Hints about Roland’s blood magic in Hugh have been dropped in this book. I don’t remember if the authors mentioned this in the Kate Daniels series but it looks like they are setting the readers for Kate and Hugh to be related by blood. If that is the case, I’d like to know why. I also don’t know why Rook — a character that can eavesdrop and spy without anyone noticing his magic — is who he is.

I don’t know anything.

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