Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews and While it is Sad to See the Series End, Glad the Book Did!

Yes, I read the whole thing. This is the last book in this series. And all I can say after reading nine books to get here is…

Let’s look at some of the reasons that made me want to cry out of frustration:


What happened to you? You were smart and could usually figure out when someone was bad for you. Are you only doing this because it is convenient for the plot?
Yet you forgave Curran his second gia-normous betrayal. He treated you like shit just to get to the end of a conspiracy in the first one. And in this one, he ate gods even when he knew how this would affect you.
Sure, you didn’t have much of a childhood but must you be so annoying when it comes to parenting?
And why have you been breaking your promises? What about Julie and the thing that you said you’d never do? You saw how it robbed Hugh of all his independent thought and yet you did the same thing to Julie?


Why are you even there? Is it just to look menacing and be extra? When did you lose all your depth? How do you think betraying your wife with the because-it-is-good-for-her trope is okay? Were you put there just so your swimmers can produce the greatest shifter to ever live? If that’s all, then please carry on. And what was up with the…

Roland & Hugh.

Already covered here.

Jim & Dali.

So, the Beast Lord, Kate’s colleague, and Curran’s best friend isn’t part of the huge battle that will decide the fate of the world. And that’s okay? Is that because the authors wanted a link for their many spin-offs? Oh, that makes sense. He may betray his friends — or not. That isn’t shameful treatment of another character that readers have loved and liked — or out of character at all.

So, Dali has baby fever now and she is willing to risk everything for it suddenly. Also, the other characters who may be affected by her choice don’t care. Was that done so Hugh’s repentance could be cemented in the eyes of the readers? Cool!

The Dragon.

Having a dragon in your story? Cool! Treating him like a McGuffin, just so his dimension can trap Roland — the real villain– Not cool! Never hinting about this, except in a spin-off that most readers won’t even pick up until after — or ever? Even less cool! Poor guy; he took his peepee out and waved it around for nothing!

Everybody Else.

Were the Sahanus there just to make Kate look badass? Mission achieved. Why did they want to kill Roland’s daughter when just looking at him sent them into orgasmic rapture? If they’are that fanatical, their attempts to murder Kate don’t make sense. And if they are that good and could be used by Hugh to wipe out the Pack, what has Roland been doing — besides teleporting every which way in this book when the authors clearly said that was only viable during life-threatening emergencies?

Andrea lying to Kate. Derek doing his best to mimic a block of wood with no personality. Dali suddenly deciding to get bitchy with Kate. Hugh walking in and his word taken without any confrontation. Ascanio choosing money over Kate.

The Book & the Series.

An anticlimactic final battle — even the one in Hugh’s book was better than that. There was no sense of danger and everybody survived. The one person who didn’t was Saiman whose death happened off camera. We never see how Kate reacts when she sees his body either. She went to battle for him once upon a time. How the hell was he not important enough for that?

It feels as if the authors didn’t love Kate and Curran anymore. I have noticed the series going downhill ever since they left Europe without Aunt B. Almost no character development and easy victories over insurmountable challenges.

It isn’t that I won’t pick up other books by this author duo. I recognize how engaging they are for me and how they soothe me while things are tough.

I know! But that doesn’t mean I won’t point out the flaws in them, especially since the previous ones were soooo good!

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  1. Kristen says:

    Great review! I especially loved your paragraph about Curran and wondering if he’s just there to “look menacing and be extra.” 🙂 The character development really went downhill later in the series, and I also felt like there were far too many easy victories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Midu Hadi says:

      Right? His testosterone levels were too high in this one lol


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