A Review of Halo by Alexandra Adornetto, which is a Product of the Post-Twilight Time

Man, oh man. Why did I read this one? The heroine is TSTL. She is supposed to be an angel yet she judges everyone, including her friends. She is also selfish and continuously chooses her infatuation over the Grand Plan. On top of that, she is a snowflake too!

The hero goes from the coolest boy with a dead girlfriend against whom no one measures up to the heroine’s nanny. I’m pretty sure he asks her about the consistency of her poop too but luckily, that happens off-screen. Besides that, he is infuriatingly good at everything, except for poetry.

That’s where the new guy comes in. He is the dark to the hero’s light. He also goes to the same school. Oh, and he’s a vessel for a demon. I don’t know what these big bads are thinking, possessing teenagers who’ll need their parents’ permission to drive over to the next state. Aren’t they supposed to be taking over the world? Then why not possess a rich, white guy?

There is no character who isn’t flaky or even remotely likable. The archangel, Gabriel, is a poopy head. A seraph, Ivy, avoids confrontation and conflict like you wouldn’t believe.

The story drags on over 485 pages and I survived it to write this review. Also, there are sequels.

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