The Lifelessness of The Book, Lifelike by Jay Kristoff

Cover of the book LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff

LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff

This is the first Jay Kristoff book that I read. So, even though, I bought the book, I didn’t know if I’d like it or not. Here’s a breakdown of my thoughts about it:

The premise isn’t original — but, instead of an android who wants to be a real girl, we get an android who doesn’t know she isn’t one. Neither are the twists. And the whole insta-love thing is made worse by the fact that neither half has much depth to their character.

The slang is very very irritating. Instead of saying, I don’t know, you’ll find the characters saying, Confused, me! It also kept me from connecting with them since they didn’t talk like normal people.

All the scenes in the desert reminded me of Mad Max Fury Road. I loved the movie and I enjoyed reading something similar to it.

The main question that the book raised in the mind of the protagonist was whether robots and androids should be given human-like status. But there is zero mulling over it from her side. I’m sure she’ll think a lot about it after she has discovered that she’s one of them. But I’d have liked her to have cared even before that. She’s absolutely horrid to her tiny robot for most of the book and only loves the robotic dog because he used to be alive once upon a time.

Oh, and there is sex — it takes place off the page but it does happen. Twice. Make what you will of that observation.

So, not really impressed with my first experience. Let’s see if the second one is better.

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Cover of the book Deviate by Jay Kristoff

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