The Episode Where I’m Left Confused as to How I Feel about Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers


What I Liked

Ninja Nuns #nuffsaid

That the female assassins are slowly waking up to how the convent is manipulating them and twisting the meaning of their supposed religious vocation. And I’m thinking the last of them, Annith, is going to full-on rebel. Can’t wait to see that.

Julian’s character. Sure, he’s all kinds of bad news but I liked the complexity of his nature that keeps us from completely hating him. In the end, he does try to save Sybella because he did love her.

What I Didn’t Like

In no way could I ever presume I’d understand the pain of losing a child. However, Sybella’s baby is murdered right in front of her eyes — by her father. We see NO hint of the grief that should probably haunt her every second of her life. The reveal comes close to the end and it seems like the author trying to make the readers feel sorry for Sybella — well, sorrier.

That the romance between Sybella and Beast is anything more than insta-love. Where’s the evidence I ask?

The whole love-conquers-all bit at the end was just blech! As is Sybella finding it okay that her dad, the God of Death, lets the whole world treat his daughters like day-old-crap. How is that love in any way?

What Caught Me By Surprise

How dark the book was! Sybella has had almost everything bad happen to her that a character could. Raping or incestuous brothers, crazy baby-killing, wife-after-wife-slaughtering, and boyfriend-murdering fathers, and manipulative having-their-own-dark-agendas abbesses as her superior.

The off-the-pages but still-present sex scene in a YA novel.

All in all, I enjoyed this book.

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