A Review of the Sensational, Cult Writers: 50 Nonconformist Novelists You Need to Know by Ian Haydn Smith, Kristelle Rodeia


I requested this book on Netgalley and am really glad I did!

The book begins with a description of the qualities that the author considers make a writer a cult writer. Then, it provides information about 50 of them. Accompanying each author’s brief life history is a colored sketch with a quote from one of their books. Now, this simple review might not entice you to pick up the book immediately. So, I hasten to add that I enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. You can too!

Find out:
Which writer’s on-stage kiss set the stage for a riot back in 1907 — way before Britney and Madonna
Who wrote a book so inspired by Wuthering Heights but set in their own homeland
The name of the author who first questioned the validity of the conviction of the Central Park Five
The identity of the Black Prince of Letters
What the three rules of writing are according to Denis Johnson
Whether all the writings by Kafka survive or not
Yukio Mishima committing seppuku after a failed uprising

A quick, enjoyable, and informative read…this one!

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