July 2020 — Netgalley Reads

Cover of the book, The Riddle of the Fractal Monks by Jonathan Pinnock

The Riddle of the Fractal Monks by Jonathan Pinnock

So, this book isn’t a good choice for you if you haven’t read the previous ones in the series. That was the first thing to go wrong for me. Secondly, the main characters aren’t very nice people that you’d want to read about. The guy is spineless and easily led around by his girlfriend. She, on the other hand, is reckless and mocks her boyfriend any chance she gets.

With all the running about, there’s a mystery to be solved. However, the duo keeps getting throwing themselves into scrapes that they shouldn’t be able to walk out of — yet they do. As the name indicates, the mystery has something to do with fractals and a religious order of monks who decide on math taking them to enlightenment. There’s some humor.

All in all, I had a really hard time to keep going because the story and the characters both failed to interest me.

Cover of the book Mockstars by Christopher Russell

Mockstars by Christopher Russell

It’s not that this book isn’t funny; it has its moments. It follows two bandmates as they try to make it in the world of rock and roll. They find themselves in humorous situations, lose the view of why they started the band in the first place, and then get back together again. So, yeah, the humor is there. But that isn’t the only thing that makes a book a pleasant, interesting read. It didn’t hold my attention for too long each time I picked it up. Nothing eventful really happens. A reviewer described it as a cozy mystery but for guys. I agree with their assessment mostly, except there was no mystery to solve.

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  1. Jeremy Beard says:

    Did you mean to pick up the book without reading the first or was it just an accident? Or were you banking more on the typical interchangeable mystery pattern?


    1. Midu Hadi says:

      The latter. Thought even if there was math in it, I’d at least like the plot or the characters.


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