August 2020 — A Wrap-Up

Book cover of Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Singh

Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Singh

If you want to quickly catch-up on what happened in the book before this one, here’s my review. If you’re already up to speed, keep reading. So, this book was the most filler book of em all. All we get to see is how life is for the various couples from the previous books in this series. Other than adults cooing at their kids and that of others, not much happens in this one. After one scene — or ten — like that, it begins to get on your nerves. Ms. Singh also likes to tie up things up neatly, so we also get to find out that the boy with cardinal eyes who’d saved Anne was none other than Caleb. I think the major takeaway for fans here would be that the changelings may be diverse but they’re starting to come together — including the rat pack whose members had lived on the fringes of society so far.


Friday Night Bites by Chloe Neill

My review of the first book in this series can be found here. I want to read more about the world that Ms. Neill has created, sure. However, there’s something missing from it that would make me connect with the characters populating it. Like after a few months, I will begin to miss the characters in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. But I don’t feel that way about the Chicagoland Vampire series. Perhaps it’s unfair to expect this so early in the series. Which is why I shall plod on to the next book in it.

Also, things that should take seconds to be figured out are taking pages upon pages to happen. And then there’s Meritt who’s an asshole to a perfectly good guy while lusting after the guy she love-hates. At least, we get to re-meet the bitchy female villain. Hope she turns out to be even more evil and makes things more interesting.

Dragon Storm (Dragon Falls, #2)

Dragon Storm by Katie MacAlister

The humorous escapades continue. In this installment, we’re visiting with a brooding dragon who’s arrogant — of course — and really likes his sex toys. Then, there’s his mate who has managed to end up in hell — Abaddon — after being captured by the demon king. As if these two weren’t screwing things up royally enough, there’s also the head who’s the sidekick.

When you pick up one of these books, don’t expect the male lead to be anything less than arrogant. It pisses you off less and doesn’t want you to lop off their heads — well, mostly…okay, sometimes. And don’t think the female lead is going to think for two minutes before setting eyes on the said male lead and deciding they’re her soulmate. Be prepared for silliness and goofiness and plotlessness and you’ll do fine.

My review of the first book in this sub-series resides here.


Bull by David Elliott

Don’t you just love it when Book Bingo makes you pick something you’d normally never read and it turns out to be awesome? Yeah, this was one of those times! This book is a novel in verse and something that I’d normally look at from afar and never reach out for. But it also retells the myth of the Minotaur for young adults. And it’s humorous and sad in turns like all the best books are. It contains swear words and an explanation about the various styles of verse the author uses for each character and why. Since it’s a short read, you’ll be done in no time, too.

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