The Lighthouse Witches by C.J. Cooke & Halloween– #madeforeachother

Set on an island in Scotland, this is the story of a single mother and her three daughters. It is also the story of a couple whom time has kept apart. And it is also the story of the women branded witches, imprisoned, mistreated, and then burned at stake. So, you see, The Lighthouse Witches has layers. As you peel away each of these layers and pore over the different stories, you find one common theme that threads them together, i.e., of superstitious belief and how it can influence people’s behavior enough to rip apart families and destroy innocent lives.

The author describes the setting for us beautifully. A lone lighthouse stabs the island as evidence of the prison where innocent women were once kept in. As they die, they curse the island, and whether it’s their words or the guilt and fear that manifests down the bloodlines of the denizens is hard to tell. But manifest it does and it’s legend grows, helped by an anomaly in time.

Our protagonists are the mom who loses two of her daughters before disappearing herself. The one kid left behind manages to grow up into a mostly functional adult. Yet when one of her sisters returns to her years later–haven’t aged at all–she decides to come back to the island where she lost her family. As her memory of that fateful night starts coming back to her, she solves the mystery.

We are also shown how fear and guilt motivates us to do things we’d otherwise condemn. How superstitions can rule and ruin lives. And most importantly, the importance of family. I don’t think I’d be wrong in saying this book makes a really good Halloween read. Read it and find out for yourself!

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