Didn’t You Hear? Payback’s A Witch This #halloween

When the prodigal daughter returns to her witchy hometown, she is only expecting to do her duty one last time before she can go back to her no-magic life in the city. What she doesn’t know is her lifelong crush and her bff have been in cahoots. And cahoots of such magnitude! Used by the same asshole scion of another magical family, they intend to get payback and they rope our heroine into their plans. What begins as a simple plot of showing a guy up turns into a romance, a ploy to save the whole town, and help our heroine find her true place in the grand witchy scheme of things!

There, vague enough to feature as a blurb that you’d find on the back of the book? Good! Now, for the real good stuff:

  1. It features one of the most mature lead couples I’ve read about in ages. Not only are the two women great together, they also retain their own personalities as they get the feel for their new relationship.
  2. You get to see how the heroine interacts with other people who matter to her, as well, such as her friends and family. Not just that, you also see her realize the consequences of a deed she did in her wayward teens come and bite her on the ass in adulthood.
  3. There’s a whole Triwizardy magical tournament that takes place and it is so much fun to read about!
  4. So many female characters who can hold their own are woven into the story.

The one not-so good thing about this book would be that not much happens between the rounds of the tournament, except for a lot of talking. But hey, if it means the heroine gets to deal with her shit on-screen, I can live with that too.

Best of all, there’s going to be a next book in this series and I’ll be gunning for it for sure!

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