A #guestpost & #maalalifechapters Review of The Thicket by Noelle W. Ihli #halloweenreads


Would you recognize a real scream on Halloween? That’s the question haunting Norah Lewis.

She can’t shake the guilt that’s stalked her since the night her brother was murdered. She heard —and ignored—his last screams. Just like everyone else at the Thicket, a haunted attraction in tiny Declo, Idaho, did. But as Halloween approaches, Norah’s personal tragedy is overshadowed by a media circus. Parents’ groups and PTAs lobby for a shutdown while thrillseekers far and wide clamor for a chance to visit the notorious haunted attraction. Many of Norah’s classmates are eagerly planning a visit too. And, reluctantly, so does Norah, but for different reasons. She is driven to retrace her brother’s last steps.

But they won’t be the only ones showing up. A man in the grainy security footage whose masked face is plastered across the news hasn’t chosen the Thicket at random. And, like Norah, he’s planning a return visit!


This will be a memorable thriller for me. I specially loved our heroine, Nora ❤

Final Verdict

A very clever taut and suspenseful horror thriller. I would urge more and people to read this book because I devoured it in just two sittings!

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