The Final Three in Lucinda Brant’s Roxton Series and a Mini Overview


Fortunately, there are exceptions, like an older heroine, a penniless male lead, two HEA for the same character, and a hero who isn’t a snob. What’s more, Brant also springs other unique details on you that keep you reading right up to the very end.

Satyr’s Son by Lucinda Brant

Cover of the book, Satyr's Son by Lucinda Brant

While this male lead wasn’t an exception, he was unique in being epileptic. The illness is important to his character arc since it’s why he meets the girl for the first time. Other than that, it’s the same rich boy meets poor girl, offers to make her his mistress, and then throws a tantrum when other guys start to notice she exists. I think that just about covers it!

Dair Devil by Lucinda Brant

Cover of the book, Dair Devil by Lucinda Brant

So, this one hid a salacious and disgusting secret in the heroine’s past. Of course, the guy uses it to blackmail the girl’s family when they would have stopped him from getting his HEA with her. The female lead is differently-abled–that unique trait rears its head again–which puts her firmly in the always the bridesmaid category. That is until the guy shows up. What I didn’t like was that he does so dressed up as a savage. Racial insensitivity aside, I enjoyed this book.

Forever Remain: Roxton Letters Volume Two by Lucinda Brant

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Letters from the late Duke to his grown-up son, from the former Duchess to the current one, and much more–that’s what you’ll find in this book. While it makes a tasty morsel for fans of this series, it can be skipped. Similarly, newcomers to the Roxton Saga won’t get much out of it, so they should pick another book to experience the glitzy world of the Roxtons.

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