A #guespost & A #maalalifechapters Review of The Galston House by Marc Layton

Picture shows the view of a scenery through a camera's lens


Clive and Adrien Done are eager to start their lives together. When they purchase an old, dilapidated home for a steal, they’re cautiously optimistic they’ll be able to restore it to its old glory. But, on their first official night in the home, their optimism turns to terror. The previous owners failed to disclose the home’s dark history. When day turns to night and night turns into a living nightmare, the couple faces unspeakable fear…

Find out what happens when a couple’s dream home turns into the place they can’t wait to escape in this horror story…

My Review

I really loved this short story and wanted it to be a bit longer. It was not a clichéd horror story…and the ending was shocking

Final Verdict

Well If you want to read this book , I suggest you to close your closet doors and look under the bed…😉😉😉😉 And Don’t read it at night. It gave me nightmares…❤️

A tentacled creature sitting on a sewer lid. Cool, right?

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jeremy Beard says:

    I’m not much into horror right now, but I’ll have to point my wife at this.


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