Infernal by Mark de Jager Fizzled More than It Sizzled for Me!

What I Liked

The Alien Nature of Humans. Since the main character isn’t well… human, the intricacies of human interaction are lost on him. He cannot fathom why a kindly tinker would gift him with his spare cloak or why the other main character would save his hide. He also takes many phrases literally and or gauge the meaning to be totally opposite. In a scene, his partner distracts a group of soldiers both so they’d get away and won’t have to fight. He goes after the men, slaughters them, and praises the partner for distracting them. Such instances are funny and provide much needed respites from all the killing and violence — yes, there’s a looooooooooooooooot of it!

What I Didn’t Like

The Casual Racism. So, many characters refer to the protagonist’s skin color in weird and derogatory terms. Get your black ass up or a nation of the blacks and so on. I don’t know why the man’s skin colored needs to be mentioned in the first place, since it adds nothing to his story. And if it was, why make the mentions so yucky?

The TSTL Protagonist. So, he doesn’t yet understand how to blend in. Shouldn’t that mean Stratus would be careful or at least come up with a strategy that’s more than, I’ll kill anything in my path? But yeah, this is what we get. Stratus solves all issues with his sword, often putting his partner’s life in danger because of his stupidity.

What I Would Have Liked

Likeable or Unforgettable Characters. It is an okay read while it lasts, but cannot make you care about the protagonist or most of the other characters we meet. At best, I feel lukewarm towards Tatyana and her continued existence, but that was it! The characters that do catch my eye, i.e., the Prince and his Wizard, play brief roles before going off screen. Sad!

More Backstory. I’d have also loved to see some flashbacks of Stratus’s life when he was treated like an oddity or freak and used as a money-making machine. Maybe it would have made me like him more–something which became impossible after that incident…in the sewers…the poor kid!

Sadly, Infernal by Mark de Jager was a hit and a miss for me. How did you like it?


I requested this book from NetGalley.

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