A Botanist’s Guide to Parties and Poisons Kate Khavari Convinces Me We All Need More Poison In Our Lives—A Review

What I Loved

The Title. It caught my eye.

The #instagrammable Cover. It kept my gaze arrested.

What I Liked

The Silver Lining. Often, books set in the past like to depict everything as dismal, particularly when it comes to gender roles and discrimination. Of course, that’s a part of our history—and present—but there have been trailblazers, who have refused to stick to the norms. We find this book has a few such characters, both male and female. In fact, our male lead was one of the good, woke guys.

The Pacing. I like slow-burns, especially when they’re of the historical mystery genre. What’s more, I didn’t feel cheated when it all came together at the end.

The Poison. I am a botanist, so anything about plants is always welcome. I’ll say this, though, I would have loved reading about more plants than the ones mentioned in the story.

The BFF. She didn’t take any shit from anybody and tried to instill sense into her impulsive bff. I’d have liked if she had been the protagonist, instead of Ms. Fly-By-My-Pants-And-Science-Can-Go-To-Hell!

What I Didn’t Like

The Female Lead. She was shown to be a rebel—a woman scientist when the field was exclusively for the menzz. Yet, the way she behaved was impulsive, non-scientific, and idiotic! I mean, who would experiment on themselves? Why was she not following the Scientific Method? Did she want to prove the sexists right by behaving this rashly?

The way she used her feminine wiles is another reason I wanted to smack her. All the menzz liked to hit on her and objectified her, which was shown to be despicable behavior. Okay, got it. Then why could she use the same strategy on the menzz while ferreting for information?

To sum it up, I want Saffron to grow up and represent if there’s going to be a second book!

So, a mixture of good and bad, which is why I wouldn’t say no to taking a second book out for a spin.


I requested this book on Netgalley, and am so glad I got to read it!

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