Find Out What’s Under The Cape: An Anthology of Superhero Romance—A Review

Under The Cape is an anthology of eleven stories by different authors. It’s divided into sweet and heat stories—the latter come with on-page sex scenes. Here’s the breakdown:

Super Sweet

Flying Fast, Falling Hard by Kim Strattford ★★★

A non-supe girl and an air force veteran supe find themselves on the same team. Sparks fly—first for all the wrong reasons and then the right ones. I liked how the guy didn’t feel threatened or make an ass of himself. No surprises, but a fun-to-read story.

Where There’s Smoke by E.D. Gonzalez ★★★

One of the campiest stories, featuring supes with really bad names—and that includes the good guys! There was even a bread bad guy who actually moved around in a bread-shaped vehicle!! And the lead couple is just so cayoot that I couldn’t NOT root for them.

Trust Paradox by Naomi Hinchen ★★

So, girl-who-is-secretly-a-supe goes out on a date with a non-powered, who feels like superheroes should show some accountability. They hit off and she can’t decide when to tell him about her secret identity. I would have tacked on another star if the final reveal had been more entertaining.

Time for No Mercy by Elizabeth Schechter ★★★

Not all superheroes are in it to help others. In this story, we meet such a good guy and a villain who might not be so bad after all. I liked the twist at the end.

Swiftly in Love by Stella B. James ★

Objectification. Chauvinism. Compromise. This one wasn’t for me.

David Valentin -No Words Needed ★★

The most refreshing thing in this story was a coming out story with a positive ending. No disrespect to the people who have lost their families because of coming out to them, but I needed at least one to have a good ending. Aside from that, the plot is about two people crushing on each other from a distance and finding out they both feel the same way!

Super Heat

Supergay by Julie Behrens ★★

A villain and a superhero, albeit one on the lower rungs of the powered, come together when an alien invasion threatens the life on Earth. While the two characters were fun to read about, the romance felt forced to me.

The Little Push by Christopher Peruzzi ★

Objectification. Deus ex machina. Chemical plot device. This one wasn’t for me.

Foolproof by Louisa Bacio

I remember nothing about this story, so I’m not rating it.

Just Be Yourself by Rachel Kenley ★★

Most of us aren’t supes, but we wear and exchange so many hats that we can often lose sight of our true selves. That’s what happens in this story—only the female lead’s a literal shapeshifter. Fortunately, she finds a compassionate human to help her glue back the pieces of her self. Again, no twists or surprises, which made me take a star off my rating.

Law, Love, and the Whippoorwill by Austin Worley ★★

Being threatened by a supe killer-for-hire brings two exes together. They both look out for the Little Guy in their own ways, but only one of them has superpowers—powers that become the reason they grow apart. Reuniting gives both of them a new perspective, and they decide to focus on what they have in common instead. It was an okayish read for me. I did like how the Whippoorwill screwed with the villain’s head to defeat him while also kicking their butt physically.

My ratings show this anthology didn’t go down as smoothly as I wanted it to. Sadly, most stories were just okay for me.


I requested this book from NetGalley.

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