Without A Summer by Mary Robinette Kowal Was an Uninteresting Summer Read for Me–A Review

The Leads

My objections about both protagonists remain unaddressed. The wife’s life revolves around her husband while the guy does not share things with his wife, except for minor stuff. Having said that, I can’t really blame him. The wife’s reaction to a minor disclosure was so overblown that his behavior makes sense. Yuck to all of it!

The Sides

The heroine’s sister spent her time being morose because she lacked a partner. She caused a lot of problems for her sister and her brother-in-law–very selfish since they’d invited her to come to London with them and stay at their place. Even so, at least wanting to smack her kept me from dying of boredom.

The Plot

Mostly about a monster of a father and how shabbily he treats his children–one of them being our hero. But there was another plotline about London’s coldmongers–people with the power to cool stuff, albeit, on a small scale. Replace coldmongers with the poor or some other marginalized group and you get a plot rooted alluding to authentic societal problems.

I liked that there were dire consequences of the actions our protags took in the book, complete with courtroom proceedings and drama intact. What I would have liked even better is to see glamour play an instrumental part in its resolution. No jailbreaks, no sneaking out to rescue someone, and no use of it to protest or for payback. I mean if you’re going to spend most of the book explaining each fold of magic the characters make, mebbe mention how they use it to get out of an actual mess too? No?

So, yeah, this one was mostly a disappointing read for me.

2 responses to “Without A Summer by Mary Robinette Kowal Was an Uninteresting Summer Read for Me–A Review”

  1. MKR is an author who, on paper, I should love, but I’ve never clicked with her. I even pre-ordered Shades of Milk and Honey when it first came out, but ended up kind of disappointed.


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