Book Lists

Why Book Lists?

You often come across lists on the internet. There could be a list on dumb ways to die and a list that extols the benefits of making lists. Lists that help you overcome listlessness and lists that name things listing to one side. In short, lists are a way to get readers to absorb information from a piece of text while keeping them from having to use a substantial portion of their brains.

After all, reading a blog, where the text remains unbroken into portions that can be digested much more easily, can be a daunting task, after:

  1. You have returned home from a tiring day at work
  2. You spent all day at work, trying to motivate yourself to start working
  3. Having braved traffic jam after jam while commuting to and from work

See, what I did there?

So, we agree that lists make things easier to read. There is also an added advantage of the lists I intend to start making here on Midu Reads. They are going to be exclusively about books on a particular subject, for instance books with one-eyed unicorns in them or lists about books that are about lists etc.

Moreover, the books on this list are going to include only those books, which I have read and can figuratively vouch for. That means, there will be really short lists and really long ones. It also means that I will keep adding to them, if I read more books that belong on a particular list.

Sound good?


Let’s get started…


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