Book Booty Plundered in April 2017

I shopped in two batches this month: Liberty Book Bazaar This is the haul I ended bringing home from the bazaar: While I don’t mind searching for the books in the piles that are dumped on tables in Liberty, I do mind that the collection gets worse and worse every month. I had to do…

First Book Loot of the Year, 2017

New Arrivals at appear Midu Reads as the new year starts. I have 3 nonfiction books in the pile & am really excited about those! You can also see Assail by Ian C. Esselmont, a Joe Abercombie, Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson, and  Monster Island by David Wellington–all of which are going to be awesome. There’s…

New Purchases!

I bought these beauties from Online Books Outlet. They have the best prices and the hardcovers just make you never let the books go! I will be showcasing each book in later posts.

My Vindication and The Gunslinger

So, I started this book a few days ago with much misgivings. Turns out, I was right. I had the same ol’ issues that I have always had while reading King: a) I find the descriptions too lengthy b) I realize every time that there is such a thing as too much tell and less…

Birthday Bookish Bounties

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