May 2017 — A Wrap-Up

I have been reading this series with huge breaks in between. That means, every time I start a new book from it. I am surprised anew by Dexter’s razor sharp wit and the efforts he puts into seeming “normal”. It is a good way to read this series, if you ask me. You can see…

40+ Zombie-Licious Books that I’ve Had the Pleasure of Reading- Part II

This B&N post got me thinking about all the zombie books that I have read. Some I have reviewed while others I’ve barely gotten through. Since it is possible to have zombies in a book without basing the whole novel around the undead horde, I am also including that detail along with others, as well […]

April 2017 Wrap-Up

  I was mostly happy with this installment. Kate seemed back to her true kickass self. However, her getting together with Curran reminds me of what happened when Kate & Castle finally came together on the show, Castle. Too smooth and too sweet to be real!   Steven Brust is one of my favorite authors….

Book Booty Plundered in April 2017

I shopped in two batches this month: Liberty Book Bazaar This is the haul I ended bringing home from the bazaar: While I don’t mind searching for the books in the piles that are dumped on tables in Liberty, I do mind that the collection gets worse and worse every month. I had to do…

The Status of Project Frankenstein & Other Updates

Reading Goal I have completed half of the goal that I set for myself this year. Really happy that I’m getting some reading done even with life being as crazy as it is. Project Frankenstein I have finished 8 out of the books that I originally included in the post. Right now, I’m reading My…

March 2017 — Wrap-Up

  Old Faves in New Flavors The Hobbit Graphic Novel   The novel stayed true to the book. However, I wasn’t too impressed with the artwork. It could have been more attractive. Given that I’ve just finished reading Monstress, it is no surprise that everything else looks almost dull in comparison!       Words […]