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  • A Wrap-Up of Books Read in October 2020

    A Wrap-Up of Books Read in October 2020

    Murder on Astor Place by Victoria Thompson Set in the era when Teddy Roosevelt was trying to modernize the New York PD, this novel follows a midwife. Owing to her husband’s unsolved murder and mugging, she knows too well how corrupt the department really is. So, when a pregnant woman at one of the boarding houses […]

  • May 2020 — Netgalley Reads

    Dragon Consultant by Mell Eight A cutesy novella — it is barely 100 pages long — that features two very hot guys secretly crushing on each other and a bucketful of dragon-lings! It was a very quick read for me and I had no problems connecting with the protagonists. I would say that the lead couple […]

  • April 2019 — A Wrap-Up

    The series remains one of my darlings even though its author does have the habit of solving a huge problem that extends across the whole plot at the end quite easily. But this being the fifth book that I am reading means that I’m now used to it. Just as the reasons that irritate me […]

  • Enjoy these short stories before the Read an E-book Week begins on Smashwords!

    Waiting for the Read an E book Week to start on Smashwords?    Why not read Life of a ‘prayer today!    Set in a post-apocalyptic world, where mosquitoes have hunted most species to extinction, the story centers around James who is a Sprayer. He has had a hard life and he deserves to die […]