Can You Write a Story in 50 or Fewer Words? Then Enter the NYT Words of the Day Challenge!

I came across the NYT Challenge recently. It runs all through November. To participate, you’ll have to write a 50-words-long story. Easy enough, right? But here’s the tricky part:

You’ll need to use at least four of the following words in your story AND in a way that makes their meanings clear:

There are other rules to follow, which you will find here.

I’ve already sent in my entry but then decided to play around a bit. Here are some other stories I came up with:

Exit mirror, plant feet on TERRA FIRMA, and meet their LUGUBRIOUS eyes. ALLAY their fears about being CHURLISH when you inhabit their body. If they try to speak, HASTEN to explain your true purpose for the claiming of said body. Only then can you successfully take over your DOPPLEGÄNGER’s body.

In the bottomless ECHELONS of hell, you’ll find many who never had a soul to begin with. Don’t mind them as they MEANDER aimlessly. There will be others wearing OSTENTATIOUS patterns of sins on their skin. Beware of the bejeweled ones in hell’s ENCLAVE. Because they will want your soul.

It’s INTRINSIC for the budding parasite to want to taste emotions. It will single out the organ full of the mother’s JOIE DE VIVRE and try to get to her heart. Every time she smiles, she INADVERTENTLY invites it to jump into her bloodstream. Happiness doesn’t BODE well for her!

Does your forehead feel FERVID when you raise a palm to it? Does every breath bring wind of a NOXIOUS smell? No, no, you’re not sick. But don’t let that ALLAY your fears. You’re in your ALMA MATER aka personal hell now. Let me show some CANDOR and advise: run!

Today, we bring you the best TERRA FIRMA had to offer. Standing in the ECHELONS of our candidate pool are earthlings bursting with INTRINSIC JOIE DE VIVRE. Down there, their judgment was never ASTUTE only harsh. Like their faith didn’t ever MEANDER but always stayed firm. Bite into their lusciousness!

Enjoyed reading these? Leave one–or ten–of your own below in the comments.

4 responses to “Can You Write a Story in 50 or Fewer Words? Then Enter the NYT Words of the Day Challenge!”

  1. Now that I think of it. It has been a while since I’ve commented. Time kind of flows together for me since I’m doing the same sort of thing day-in-day-out.

    I actually read all your stuff on the blog. I just sometimes have a hard time coming up with stuff to say, especially since I haven’t always read the books you’re talking about.

    I’ll try to comment more, if only to let you know I’m here. :0


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